Kilimanjaro Challenge 2020 - Kilimanjaro 2020

Kilimanjaro Challenge 2020


Share the adventure of a lifetime and summit Mount Kilimanjaro, Africa’s highest peak, while supporting YCI’s global youth livelihood solutions this March 2020.


Join us this March for the adventure and challenge of a lifetime! 
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About Youth Challenge International

Youth Challenge International (YCI) develops creative, market-ready solutions that catapult youth around the world to succeed and prosper. For 30 years, YCI has been driven by youth and their potential to affect positive change in the world. In the past 5 years alone, YCI’s global programs have reached 82,000 youth in 17 countries across 35 communities through collaboration with 26 local partners and 586 volunteers.

As YCI looks to the future, we seek to deepen our investments in key areas that will accelerate our ability to scale our impact.

  • Leveraging technology to increase our reach and put leading edge technology in the hands of youth to support their livelihood development
  • Innovative financing to bring in new forms of capital from private sector, government and philanthropy
  • Cross-sector partnerships that make our solutions even more responsive to market realities

All donations in support of the Kilimanjaro Climb 2020 will help YCI realize our ambition to meaningfully impact the lives of over 25,000 youth in the next 5 years.

Learn more about our solutions here, and feel free to contact us with any questions: 416-504-3370 or